Baby Steps: A Disclaimer

Baby steps. Blogging for me is something that is happening with baby steps. I have hesitated, fallen down, and and am going to try again. So here goes.
The disclaimer? I need to change that to the plural form, I've got more than one. I'm going to blog about being a mom. God has blessed me with the joy of two beautiful baby girls. I will torture readers of the blog with pictures, so be prepared. And being a mom isn't always easy. If for some reason my girls take an interest in the life of their mother when they get older and happen to stumble across this blog, hopefully they will forgive me for anything I may say that embarrasses them.
I'm also going to blog about being a pastor. This can be hard too. Hopefully, my congregation will also forgive me if I say anything that embarrasses them... Anything I do share out in this cyberspace world, reflect my thoughts, rants and God bless them my "sacred screaming." It does not represent the views of the PC(USA) or First Presbyterian Church of Caro.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I love the name -- Sacred Screaming... great stuff!


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