Holy Saturday

This is the day where I believe that Christianity truly lives today. Holy Saturday. Jesus is dead. He told his disciples, over and over and over again that he would return. We are disciples who profess a belief in the resurrected Christ, and yet Jesus is still dead. We have replaced him with our many Gods.... I don't need to name them for anyone because despite what other preacher and religious leaders believe I don't think the death of Christianity is the fault of the "secular world." It is our own fault.

We don't stand outside of the tomb, we go home. It is like any other Saturday where we fill the emptiness inside ourselves with the "business" of everyday life. We don't pause for a moment experience that emptiness at a deeper level. We don't hope for what is promised to us, that God can overcome death. Even our death, that we go to in our day to day numbness is pushed aside with anticipation of our own anticipated outcome.

That the love God has for us can take us from our numbness and make us alive again. There isn't some magic formula that makes this happen either. We can't predict what is going to happen. We hope that what God has in store for us is greater, better, more fantastic than anything we can dream up or some cheesy one-liner can offer.

So why do we go home? Why do we leave the tomb? In death why do we think that whatever plans we have might be better than what God has in store...? Holy Saturday.


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