100 Days of Prayer

Brian Merritt, blogger, pastor, and all around super cool guy has begun a journey of 100 Days of Prayer http://100daysofprayer.wordpress.com/

He extended the invitation to others to join him on this journey, and I am along for the ride. Although, engaging on a journey of prayer for 100 days is something that I have to be more than just "along for the ride." 100 days of prayer is going to take intentionality, vulnerability and openness to where the Spirit moves. The last one I think I am pretty good at, the first two... not so much.

I have all sorts of reasons for wanting to do this, and all sorts of reasons why I don't want to do this... why, then? Because, I feel like God is calling me to.

Day One

Mommy do you pray?
I do.
What do you pray for?
I pray for you.
Baby, what do you pray for?
I pray for you.
Mother God, do you pray for me?


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